This is Chef David Feau’s new little side project - crazy good, fresh, amazing soup!

Soup of the Week

Welcome to the newly designed soup club! Soups by DF has become JeCook.

Each week I visit a farmer’s market to find the freshest ingredients. I decide the flavors based on what is in season so you are always getting the best.

In advance of our next dinner on July 26th (French! with David Feau), I’d like to introduce you to Standard Wax.  I just love their candles and on July 26th, not only will two of you lucky Eat+Drinkers get a couple of them in the evening raffle but every table will have their lovely candles illuminating the evening for us.  

I immediately liked Samantha and Andrew when I met them and I know you would adore them too.  They have graciously extended a 20% discount to you on any of their items @ Standard Wax - just use this code: EATPLUSDRINK.  

Happy waxing!

Some additional shots from our May 31st dinner with Chef Richard Wilson. His Italian food + Ted Osborne’s amazing Olabisi Wines was a perfect evening!

Chef Richard Wilson hard at work for our Italian Supper Club dinner on May 31st.  :)  We were so lucky to have our friend Ross take pictures that night.  Gorgeous!

We partnered with the amazing folks at Wilderess last month for our Italian Eat+Drink dinner.  I LOVED the scents of Oak & Amber and Sweet Tobacco!  All Eat+Drinkers can get a 15% discount when ordering.  :) Here’s to sweet smells in your home!


Check these guys out!  Savour This Sauce is a sister-brother team with a business in need of a kick!  :)

What Is Savour This Sauce?

Savour This Sauce is a gourmet cooking sauce and dressing line featuring our three signature flavors: Thai Chile Cilantro, Red Pepper Romesco and Pistachio Mint Pesto Sauce.

"It’s So Good, You’ll Spoon The Jar"

All of our sauces are vegan + gluten-free. We use locally sourced produce, yielding a high quality product while supporting small businesses and agriculture. We make the product by hand every week, growing the business one day at a time. We are now at the point where we are outgrowing our present facility and we are ready to take our company to the next level with you at our side. Vive Le Sauce!

Two weeks ago was our kick-off to the Eat+Drink 2014 Supper Club Season and it was AMAZING!  If you were there, you know what I’m talking about and if you weren’t, WOW did you miss out on a culinary experience that would have blown your mind.  Chef Clark Staub of Full of Life Flatbread and J.Brix Wines stuffed us full of food and wine until we cried for mercy.  Check out the pictures above and kick yourself for not joining us!  Our next dinner is May 31st - be there!

The 2014 Eat+Drink Supper Club 

A Curated Dining Experience

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year already and here we are with our second Eat+Drink Supper Club season - yes, that’s what I’m calling summer now, the supper club season.  We had so much fun last year with our chefs that we’re bringing a few of them back.  We’ve also paired many of them with amazing winemakers and other local culinary entrepreneurs to completely blow your minds.  I can’t wait to spend the summer eating and drinking with you!  

Our first dinner is April 26th with Chef Clark Staub of Full of Life Flatbread and J.Brix Wines (the full summer list is below). Chef Staub’s menu is to die for and the husband+wife team of Emily & Jody Brix Towe will regale you with why their wines are about to become your new best friends.

1st Course: Morro Bay Oysters with Mignonette & Spring Pea Soup 
Wine: 2012 j. brix “The Augur” Riesling, Kick On Ranch Vineyard

2nd Course: Burrata-stuffed Artichoke wrapped in Prosciutto & Spring-Greens Salad
Wine: 2012 j. brix “Audire” Pinot Noir, Kick On Ranch Vineyard

3rd Course: House-made Chorizo-stuffed Santa Barbara Squid w/Beans and Aioli & Shaman’s Flatbread 
Wine: 2011 j. brix “La Belle Rêveuse” Syrah, Alamo Creek Vineyard

4th Course: Smoked Goat-Milk Ice Cream, Cajeta, Pistachio Cake

Saturday, April 26th
7:00p Cocktails & 8:00p Dinner: $100

40 seats are available and $100 per person includes EVERYTHING (all beverages are complimentary), all you have to do is bring your hungry, thirsty self.  GET IN!